Azerbaijan, in the caucuses region, it is a country that straddles both eastern Europe and western Asia, so except a clash of east meets west and you will find a lot to enjoy here. Located on the Caspiansea, there are quaint sub-tropical seaside resorts, or you can embrace Azerbaijan’s name as the land of fire with a trip to a flamming mountain a mud volcano. These are hillside towns that hide ancient mosques and minarets, as well as some of the most impressive modern architecture.

The most famous places of Azerbaijan are Baku, Sheki, Gebele, Absheron Peninsula, Ganja, Quba, Qobustan, Shamakhi, lahich, KHinaliq, Lankaran, Nakhchivan, Maiden cityu, old city, Yanar Dag, Heydar Aliyev, Centre, Gobustan National park, Flame Towers etc. Whatever you choose, to experience is sure to be one filled with awe and appreciation for a country.