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Our package/air price ticket booking procedure is incredibly short and convenient. Please follow below steps for convenient booking:

Step 1: Please choose your destinations and tentative travel date!!

Please choose the destination that you would like to travel or choose the tentative date of travel.

Step 2: Ask the package rate for your elect date and destination with our representative!!

Please contact our representative for the question of your elect destination and tentative date. If you have got multiple possibility then please raise all the choice with our representative they're going to offer you all choices.

Ways to contact us:

Phone No.: 01 4443023 / 4443024
Mobile No: 9851199432 / 9801199432
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]
Through web chat: www.pdes.com.np

Step 3: If you're consider the value and therefore the itinerary you'll method with below, alternative wise raise them to revise itinerary and cost!!

If you're consider the value then please give the proper name of travelers as per passport in order that we will hold the seat for you. Once we hold ticket we'll give you the deadline of ticket, before deadline is over you'll pay advance and ensure it. If shut in you're unable to travel on it date then you'll cancel while not charges before the price ticket is issued.

Step 4: Pay advance payment to ensure the booking

If you're consider the booking currently you'll gave to pay advance payment for the booking, so that we'll take it as a guarantee booking and continue to issue the ticket.

Step 5: Submit document for visa

As per flight date and time we'll ask you to bring your document for visa thus once you submit document we'll immidiately apply it and once visa is completed we'll inform you to gather visa, ticket and final confirmation.

Step 6: Dispatch of Visa, Passport and building Confirmation and prepared for the flight

Once we make the final confirmation ready we will call you to collect it from office, then you can pay the remaining due amount and collect your travel document.

** Note: Due amount to be clear before your departure.