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We are one of the most dedicated tourism protection and preservation of the environment, habitat, culture and natural resources. As such as bear by and support local conservation projects and policies for the evolution and protection of the mountain environment, and its inhabitants. Our company works with guides, group, accommodation which shares the same values.  

- Exploit positive and lessen negative impact of tourism on the environment, economy and culture.  
- Preserve the environment  
- Alertness among the tourists to concerned in tourism practices. 
- Support tourism through receptive tourism. 
- Conform with sustainability criteria and ultimately become certified member of Travel life-sustainability in tourism.

Paradise Destination
Paradise Destination

- We persuade our guests through either group briefings or allocation of a Welcome brochure to respect the environment and guide by example in minimizing the collision of waste.  
- We conscious our clients about responsible travel’s strategy on what to do and what not to do while wandering.  
- We intend to decreased energy use in the office by using energy reduction light bulbs, by fully switching off all electronic tools when not in use and by using electronic heaters in winter only when extremely necessary. 
- We do agreement with hotels/ suppliers that also take their impacts on the environment into kindness.


- We suggest home suppliers as an alternative of international hotels and lodges to lessen escape and boost foreign replace earnings in our country. • We hold up local suppliers to get better the economic status of group of people. 
- We motivate the locals to develop long-standing business relationships within our supply succession to create long-lasting partnerships that economically steady. 
- We have hired skilled, practiced professional to maintain see-through books of accounts. A government accepted tax assessor prepares all the profit and loss account balance sheet at the end of each monetary year.